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Qatar vs Senegal

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User Predictions

  • 1x2 Senegal   @ W
    [Pick]Both teams lost in their first match, this is their second match, both teams will try their possible best to recover their lost, it will not Going to be easy for both teams. But Senegal is in good form to win this match. I support Senegal.
  • 1x2 Senegal   @ W
    [Picks] Qatar as a host nation had made history, the history had broken for the 1st time in history when a host nation lost its opening game in the World Cup. Everyone can see Qatar completely outplayed by Ecuador last game as they had lost 0-2 at home in which should have been a heavier margin of d ...Show More
  • 1x2 Senegal   @ W
    [Pick] The Senegal team played against the Netherlands, who are now in great shape. Secondly, the Senegalese not only played well, but even surpassed their opponent in some indicators. For example, in the beatings, Cissé's boys shot the "oranges" (14:9). Yes, and the Netherlands snatched victory in ...Show More