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FIFA World Cup Final: Argentina vs France

FIFA World Cup Final: Argentina vs France

Hello everyone, is everybody looking forward to the World Cup Final? Ready for the last big bet just before the end of 2022? Let's start off with my prediction in this article as I have a reason to believe my tips will win without any fear. I also have a fun fact to support my prediction.

Argentina hammered Croatia 3-0 in the Semi-finals lifted team spirit, with Lionel Messi confirming his final international career for Argentina would be a sad missed for the football fan in the near future. Another legend hangs his boots meaning another era we enter into. Therefore, one reason to support Argentina rather than France as Lionel Messi will be up for the win.

France beat Morocco 2-0 but that was just lucky because of their qualities and experiences differences compared to Morocco they have. Morocco did play fantastic football in my opinion and they deserve at least to score against France as a consolidation. France may have Kylian Mbappe aiming for his Golden Boots award, however, I am not convinced with the French defensive back four.

Here is a fun fact:

Argentina's electronic retailer Noblex did a promotion in Argentina on the 30th Oct 2022 and specifically announced anyone who brought a range of brand new 65 inches or 75 inches of TV and if Argentina wins the World Cup in Qatar 2022, Noblex will fully refund the cost of the TV! Each TV they sold, is worth 280k pesos to 350k pesos and they had sold over 500 TV since the announcement. And if Argentina wins, then the payout by Noblex would exceed $100 million USD!

This is the reason, Corinne will not support France despite my ex-husband actually being a Frenchman! I take Argentina to win the world cup!


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