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Spanish La Liga - Rayo Vallecano vs Real Madrid

Spanish La Liga - Rayo Vallecano vs Real Madrid

Monday night with a stand-alone Spanish La Liga match, I expect Real Madrid to regain the top spot over their title race rival Barcelona and a very comfortable win away at Rayo Vallecano. Corinne is going to bring you a handsome return on your bet.

Rayo Vallecano is in 9th place in the league, they had made decent starts into the new season but started to lack behind the top 6. Corinne does not expect them to finish and gain entries into next year's European competitions at all, their major weaknesses are from the attacks, and the lack of goals does not really provide enough help to strengthen their league positions.

Real Madrid is the only side in La Liga that remains undefeated, they also won 6 away games this season without failing in 6 attempts, so they are going to win this match without any doubt. The only question to Corinne is that can Real Madrid win by 2 clear goal margins or more?

Based on the last 10 head-to-head, Rayo Vallecano had 1 fluke victory over Real Madrid back in the 2019 season, the rest were just a loss. With Real Madrid often having narrow victories here at Rayo Vallecano, 3 times from the last 5 away games Real Madrid won by 1 single goal margin. Corinne going to take this trend again tonight.

Corinne's Pick:

Real Madrid - DRAW EH (-1) *Real Madrid to win by 1 goal margin exactly*