Nowgoal Tipster Cup will continue in November 1!!

Nowgoal Tipster Cup will continue in November 1!!
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Nowgoal Tipster Cup will start on 1st November, get ready for the World Cup, do some research on the national team and win bonus! The Tipster Cup in November is divided into 4 phases of 1 week each. Every week’s top 3 in ranking will get the bonus.

Match Time(GMT+1):

Nov.1 0:00 AM - Nov.6 24:00 PM

Nov.7 0:00 AM - Nov.13 24:00 PM

Nov.14 0:00 AM - Nov.20 24:00 PM

Nov.21 0:00 AM - Nov.27 24:00 PM

How to post tips: 

Nowgoal Tipster Cup will continue in November 1!!

The Rules:

1. The tips have to begin with [Pick] and posted 30 minutes before the kick off time.

Nowgoal Tipster Cup will continue in November 1!!

2. The tips at least 100 words, analysis according match data, there is not allowed to copy or add any advertisements, contact information and other information which not related to the game. If founded, it will be deleted and disqualified.

3. Ranking is according the total winning rate of 3 kinds picks (1x2, total goals, AH). If the winning rate the same, who wins more games ranked higher. If the winning rate and winning games both the same, who pick the high odds ranked higher.

4. Pick 1x2with lower 1.4, odds, result do not counted.

5. Less than 14 tips per week, the result do not enter the ranking.

6. The tips posted after 24:00 PM Sunday, the results will be counted into next week's ranking.

7. The tips cannot be deleted after posted. If founded, the result do not enter the ranking and disqualified.

8. Nowgoal will publicity the ranking every Monday, we will ask the account detail (bank or Paypal) form top 3 tipster, please notice your registered email and reply within 48 hours. Nowgoal will not transfer bonus if there is no response over time.

Bonus:Winning rate higher than 65%, got full bonus; winning rate lower than 65%, get half bonus; winning rate less than 50%, no bonus.

🥇Gold Medalist: $50

🥈Silver Medalist: $30

🥉Bronze Medalist: $20