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German Bundesliga 2 / Heidenheimer vs Kaiserslautern

German Bundesliga 2 / Heidenheimer vs Kaiserslautern


Kaiserslautern will be the visitors at Voith-Arena on Sunday for the Bundesliga 2 showdown with home team Heidenheim.


Heidenheim will play in this game following a 0-0 Bundesliga 2 drawn game versus Karlsruhe. Frank Schmidt's Heidenheim have celebrated scoring a sum total of 8 times in their last 6 outings. At the other end, the tally of goals that have been scored against them in those same games stands at 5.

German Bundesliga 2 / Heidenheimer vs Kaiserslautern


Proving their fondness for high-scoring matches, goals have been celebrated 22 times in the prior six matches in which Kaiserslautern have played, yielding a mean average of 3.67 goals each fixture. Their opponents have managed 10 of those goals. We will just have to see whether or not that trend will be continued on in this game.


We believe that Kaiserslautern will need to put in a solid display to put one past this Heidenheim team who will likely just have the edge. We’re therefore predicting a highly competitive game with a 1-0 victory for Heidenheim at the conclusion of the game.

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