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​Friendly Competition Preview -- Lithuania vs Finland

​Friendly Competition Preview -- Lithuania vs Finland



August began for the Lithuanians with two certain triumphs against the Estonians (84:70 and 90:88), and it is clear that they will advance steadily at a distance. The squad will very soon reach the World Cup and Eurobasket qualifying rounds. In general, 2022 is going really well for men.

​Friendly Competition Preview -- Lithuania vs Finland


Finland's representatives are likewise performing admirably. Despite not being ready to brag about their great stability. The team had friendly encounters with Belgium this month (71:75 and 80:71), but it is expected to continue making blunders going forward.


Without much adventure, Lithuania must carry this match to a logical finish. It is clear from the strong head-to-head advantage and the good player selection that the nominal hosts winning with a handicap of -16.5 is the most logical outcome for the match.

Pick: Lithuania -16.5