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Mexico U20  VS  El Salvador U20

Match Time:
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Mexico U20
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El Salvador U20
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Cup Standings

Rank Team Matches Win Draw Loss Get Miss Pts
1 Mexico U20 1 1 0 0 3 0 3
2 El Salvador U20 1 1 0 0 2 1 3
3 Curacao U20 2 0 0 2 1 5 0


League/Cup Date Home Score H T Away 1x2 Odds Handicap W/L Odds O/U
INT CF El Salvador U20 1-1 0-0 Mexico U20 D U

Score In The Past

Mexico U20
League Date Home Score H T Away 1x2 Odds Handicap W/L Odds O/U
CONCACAU20 Mexico U203-03-0 Curacao U20 1.02 12 18 0.822.5/31.00W WO
FNT Mexico U202-11-0 Colombia U20 2 3.3 3.15 0.990/0.50.83W WO
INT CF Chile U203-21-2 Mexico U20 2.7 3.35 2.3 0.770/-0.51.09L LO
INT CF Argentina U200-00-0 Mexico U20 1.92 3.3 3.35 WU
INT CF Mexico U20(N)7-01-0 Besiktas U21 1.37 4 7 1.050.5/10.77W WO
INT CF Mexico U201-10-0 Canada U20 D  U
INT CF Mexico U203-02-0 Canada U20 W  O
TOUT Mexico U20(N)3-01-0 Turkey U20 2 3.3 3.6 0.940.50.94W WO
TOUT Holland U20(N)2-42-1 Mexico U20 2.3 3.25 2.95 1.000/0.50.88W WO
TOUT 2Belarus U20(N)1-20-0 Mexico U20 7 4.4 1.4 1.08-0.50.80W WO
TOUT France U203-12-1 Mexico U20 2.07 3.25 3.45 LO
TOUT Morocco U20(N)3-41-2 Mexico U20 4.55 3.75 1.63 0.80-0.51.06W WO
FIFAWYC Mexico U20(N)3-11-1 France U20 2.45 3.35 2.9 1.0000.88W WO
FIFAWYC Brazil U20(N)2-00-0 Mexico U20 1.83 3.35 4.8 0.800.51.08L LU
FIFAWYC Colombia U201-30-1 Mexico U20 1.81 3.4 4.8 0.900.50.98W WO
FIFAWYC Cameroon U20(N)1-10-0 Mexico U20 3.4 3.25 2.11 0.90-0.50.98D LU
FIFAWYC Mexico U20(N)0-00-0 England U20 2.38 3.2 2.9 0.8501.03D DU
FIFAWYC Mexico U20(N)3-01-0 Korea DPR U20 1.76 3.5 4.4 0.940.50.94W WO
FIFAWYC Argentina U20(N)1-00-0 Mexico U20 2.2 3.25 3.1 LU
INT CF 2Nigeria U20(N)1-41-2 Mexico U20 4.5 3.3 1.68 1.070/-0.50.75W WO
Last 20 matches, Win rate:60.0% Odds win rate:63.2% Over 2.5 rate:70.0% Odd rate:55.0%
El Salvador U20
League Date Home Score H T Away 1x2 Odds Handicap W/L Odds O/U
CONCACAU20 Curacao U20(N)1-20-1 El Salvador U20 5.8 3.9 1.48 1.02-1.50.80W LO
INT CF Peru U203-02-0 El Salvador U20 1.23 5.8 8.45 1.001.5/20.88L LO
INT CF Peru U204-02-0 El Salvador U20 1.46 3.9 6.15 0.8811.00L LO
CONCACAU20 Panama U20(N)3-41-3 El Salvador U20 W  O
CONCACAU20 1Guatemala U201-01-0 El Salvador U20 1.9 3.3 3.4 0.770/0.50.99L LU
INT CF Trinidad Tobago U201-20-0 El Salvador U20 2.1 3.2 2.75 0.850/0.50.97W WO
CNCF WU20 Panama (w) U202-20-0 El Salvador U20 D  O
CNCF WU20 El Salvador U202-30-0 Nicaragua (w) U20 L  O
INT CF El Salvador U201-10-0 Mexico U20 D  U
CONCACAU20 Costa Rica U201-11-0 El Salvador U20 1.45 3.7 6.2 0.7710.99D WU
CONCACAU20 El Salvador U201-01-0 Costa Rica U20 W  U
CONCACAU20 Honduras U204-03-0 El Salvador U20 L  O
CONCACAU20 El Salvador U206-1- Belize U20 W  O
CONCACAU20 2USA U202-02-0 El Salvador U20 0.851/1.50.95L LU
CONCACAU20 1El Salvador U201-21-1 Jamaica U202 0.950/-0.50.85L LO
CONCACAU20 Honduras U202-20-0 El Salvador U20 0.660.51.19D WO
CONCACAU20 Belize U200-30-3 El Salvador U20 W  O
CONCACAU20 El Salvador U202-11-0 Panama U20 W  O
CONCACAU20 Guatemala U202-12-0 El Salvador U20 L  O
Last 19 matches, Win rate:36.8% Odds win rate:15.8% Over 2.5 rate:73.7% Odd rate:63.2%

Handicap Odds Statistics

[8]Mexico U20
  Matches Win Draw Loss Rank Detail
Total 7 3 1 3 8 View
Home3 2 1 0 6View
Away4 1 0 3 15View
[25]El Salvador U20
  Matches Win Draw Loss Rank Detail
Total 2 0 0 2 25 View
Home0 0 0 0 22View
Away2 0 0 2 26View

Fixture (3 Matches)

Mexico U20
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El Salvador U20
League/Cup Date Type VS Near

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Mexico U20 El Salvador U20
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